Test Drive Fundraisers

Drive 4UR School
The Drive 4UR School Program was developed by Ford Motor Company in 2007 as a fun and engaging way to help local sports and extracurricular programs raise large amounts of money in a small amounts of time. A local Ford dealership partners with a local school to bring the program to life! For every test drive completed during a designated time, Ford will donate $20 to the participating group, up to $6000! Not bad for a day's work!

Drive 4UR Community
Much like the Drive 4UR School event, Ford created Drive 4UR Community to allow recognized local charity, non-profit organizations, or sports teams the opportunity to conduct a test-drive fundraising event. For every test drive completed, Ford will sonate $20 to your group, if you reach the goal of 300 test drives during your designated time your organization will receive a $6,000 from Ford Motor Company. It truly is a little drive that goes a long way!

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Here are the groups we have been able to help so far...
  • Boyle County High School Band
  • Boyle County High School Technology
  • Garrard County High School Band
  • Mercer County High School Boys and Girls Soccer
  • Boyle County High School Football
  • Danville High School Baseball
  • Boyle County High School Baseball
  • Danville Christian Academy Sports
  • Lincoln County High School Softball
  • Boyle County High School Softball
  • Danville High School Academics
  • Danville/Boyle County Humane Society
  • Heritage Hospice
  • Danville High School Football
  • Danville High School Soccer
  • Danville High School Girls Basketball
  • Bluegrass Community Action
  • Mercer County High School Band
  • Garrard County High School Softball
  • Lincoln County High School Girls Basketball
  • Wilderness Trace Child Development
  • Burgin County High School Athletics
  • Garrard County High School Cheerleading
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • Garrard County High School Choir
  • Kiwanis Club of Danville KY

For a Grand Total of $98,500 Raised to Date!